Cabinet Radios

Zenith 5 S 119

Chicago was the home of Zenith, one of the most prolific and admired makers of the Golden Age.  They built their reputation on building solid ,  and reliable performing radios with a small tube count.This reciever is 5 tubes, three bands, and an 8 in. speaker in a handsome cabin
$ 1300.00

Fairbanks Morse model 6C

fairbanks morse 6c
Indianapolis based Fairbanks Morse was famous for their heavy railroad comonents and stationary engines   used around the world.  In the early '30's it branched into radio manufacturing.  The 6C introduced the large colorful dial and introduced the new green tuning eye tube visible on the front. Three band , 6 tube set.

Detrola 148 E

detrola 148
Detrola of Detroit Mi. made sets not only under  it own name, but for other retailers such a Truetone and Silvertone.    The "Network" dial  sets were very popular, and the set was  produced in sveral chassis versionsover a 4 year period.   This set is an AC/DC, 7  tube reciever, with the magic green tuning eye.
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